Licensed Veterinary Technicians


Karen has been a licensed veterinary technician since 2013. She was born in San Diego, CA and now lives in northern Nevada with her 2 dogs Bortje and Serra, her cat Maui, and four hens. When she isn’t working or studying, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, and gardening, and loves any kind of berry pie. A dream vacation for her would be Tahiti or Bora Bora and she’d love to meet Charles Darwin. A favorite book for her is “All My Patients Are Under the Bed.” Karen puts her high energy to good use with her furry patients and very much enjoys her job here at A Plus Animal Hospital.




Veterinary Technicians in Training




Jenny has been a part of the A Plus team since 2007 – she started out in boarding and eventually transferred to the veterinary assistant department where she works today. She’s a Reno native, having graduated from Hug High School in 1997. In her free time she goes hiking up in the mountains and spends time with family, friends, and her loveable pets –two dogs named Maggie & Patches and four cats named Cori, Boo, Sunny, and Jake. Jenny is a fan of The Big Bang Theory on TV and her favorite foods are Mexican and pizza. Her favorite thing about working at A Plus Animal Hospital is the fulfillment she experiences when a pet comes in feeling poorly and goes home feeling great!


Meet Teri. Teri has been with A Plus Animal Hospital since October of 2005. While she began as a Pet Care Attendant, she has since transferred departments to become a Veterinary Assistant. Teri enjoys gardening, BBQ’s with her family, and taking her dogs, Jager and Zoey for hikes. She also has a little rascal of a kitty named Keira.