Going on vacation? Re-doing your house? Unexpected emergency? We will take care of your pets as if they were our own!

All boarding services require that the pet’s owner fill out our boarding consent form either prior to or at the time of check-in. We recommend that you read through the consent form ahead of time so we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can pick up a copy at our office or download it from our website. The consent form provides us with the information we need as well as options for toenail trims, bathing, and medical services. We also require that you leave an emergency contact number (either yourself or someone who can make medical decisions on your behalf).

Vaccine protocol

For the safety of your pet and the other patients in our care, we require them to be fully vaccinated. Vaccinations that may have lapsed should be given at least two weeks prior to boarding to allow for a better immunity response. However, we can update any needed vaccines during their boarding stay.

Should your pet have vaccine reactions or written proof that they should not medically receive a vaccine that our practice requires, please call and speak to a staff member prior to boarding.

Canine boarding

Board your pet in one of our spacious, naturally lighted kennels. Our facility is centrally air-conditioned and heated to provide consistent comfort for your furry loved ones. We have an outside play and bathroom area for larger dogs and an inside play and bathroom area for our tinier friends.

Prices are determined by the size of the suite you choose. We offer two sizes of kennels and we furnish all bedding, blankets, bowls, and toys. You may bring your pet’s food and treats or choose to feed our hospital kibble – Purina Enteric Nutrition. Both options are at no charge to you.

Please note that with all boarders, if you require your pet to have canned food, you must either bring it with you or purchase it here. There is a small charge for us to give any medications or supplements to your pet and we will go over this with you when you make your reservation.

Feline boarding

We have a wonderful kitty room just for your feline companions. We understand that a quiet, secure, and serene environment is essential for good health and comfort. As with canine boarding, we have two sizes of suites for cats and we provide bedding, blankets, bowls, litter and litter boxes. We feed Purina Pro-Plan as our hospital food, or you may choose to bring what your kitty is used to eating at home. The giant cat tree and window perches in our cat room provide plenty of opportunity to soak up the sun, stretch legs, and sharpen claws!

We also board exotic pets – rabbits, birds, sugar gliders, pocket pets and the occasional pig! Please call with any questions and feel free to come by and take a tour of our amazing boarding department and meet our dedicated kennel staff.