Exciting news! We partnered with OurPetsRX and established our own online store.

We noticed that a lot of clients are searching for some online options for their pets’ medications and food. We’ve partnered with OurPetsRX, an online pharmacy that will send your pet’s medication and food directly to your home.

• Convenience For Our A Plus Clients And Their Beloved Pets!

We encourage you to consider utilizing OurPetsRX online pharmacy when ordering your pet’s prescription medications, pet food, pet supplies and over the counter products. You will then have them delivered to your home via United States Postal Service (USPS).

OurPetsRX is a reliable and trusted source recommended by A Plus Animal Hospital to provide quality veterinary medical supplies through their approved distributor, who is licensed and FDA approved in the United States. What this means to you as the consumer, is that the products you seek are obtained from a licensed, reputable manufacturer and distributor within the United States who will support the product’s guarantees.

• Product Safety and Guarantees!
In today’s world of online services for your pet’s medications and food sources, one must be conscientious to ensure their pet’s health and safety from foreign pet product suppliers such as China. Some of these national 1-800 pet pharmacies that advertise low cost, next day deliveries, acquire some of their products by importing them from other countries such as China, Turkey, Asian countries and elsewhere. It is a known fact that major manufacturers that provide heartworm preventive, and flea and tick products, pain management medications, and other pharmaceuticals do not directly supply these products to the 1-800 companies.

Therefore, your pet’s safety may be compromised; for example, if your pet were to have taken one of these foreign products and have some adverse reaction or develop an unyielding liver or kidney medical condition due to the product, the manufacturer will not guarantee any support in treating the medical condition.

Consumers need to be aware that human registered pharmacies, licensed with the State of Nevada to handle human medications, do not always carry animal-specific medications. Therefore, if a pharmacy substitutes a human drug to treat a pet’s condition, this could have an adverse medical effect on your beloved pet. Animal-specific medications such as heartworm preventative, flea and tick control, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and thyroid medications to name a few, are only licensed to be sold and distributed to veterinarians only.

• Medical Records Requirement

A Plus Animal Hospital is making your online experience simple and easy. Once you have placed a pharmacy request with OurPetsRX, the hospital will receive the request, so a doctor can evaluate your pet’s medical records, to determine the appropriate medications and dosage for your pet’s medical needs. Nevada State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has licensed A Plus Animal Hospital to have an established doctor-client-pet relationship that is up-to-date. This means that your pet must receive an annual physical examination and their health status be updated regularly, including certain blood chemistries and values to ensure proper medical care.

Once all of the medical record criteria have been met, the hospital will process the online request so you can receive your prescription by USPS.

• Price matching!
OurPetsRX online pharmacy prices are very competitive and comparable with other accredited and licensed online pharmacies. Be very cautious in considering a Non-Accredited or Non-Licensed online service to medication, as some very scary scenarios could affect your beloved pet’s health.

For more questions and resources please check these websites:

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FDA – Consumer Updates

EPA – Avoid Counterfeit Pesticide Products

Please check out what the online store has to offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.